Residential Cleaning

Residential home clean

         Every visit we dust, vacuum, wash, sanitize each room.

Kitchen: receives the most special treatment

     Clean appliances, counter, cabinets, tables & chairs

     Scrub, clean and sanitize sink

     Clean the range top, refrigerator top & exterior

     Clean micorwave inside & out

     Clean the stove

     Mop the floors


     Scrub, clean & sanitize showers, bathtubs & sink

     Clean & sanitize toiles, Polish chrome, clean & shine mirrors

     Wash the floors, clean exterior cabinet

All Rooms:

     Remove cobwebs, dust picture frames, knick knacks, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, shelves & base boards.

     Vacuum carpets and furniture

     Empty waste baskets & ashtrays

     Mop the floors

Living Room:

     Same as other rooms with the additional fo vacuuming furniture including under the cushions.